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CHINS Portable Power Station 2146WH, Solid State Lithium Battery, 1200W (Surge 1300W) Total for Home Backup, Emergency, Outdoor Camping

CHINS Portable Power Station 2146WH, Solid State Lithium Battery, 1200W (Surge 1300W) Total for Home Backup, Emergency, Outdoor Camping

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CHINS Solid State Lithium Battery Detailed Parameters

Net Weight: 35.3lbs (16kg)
Dimension: 14.5 x 7.9 x 10.8 inch (L368 x W 200 x H 275mm)
Capacity: 2146WH / 25.55V 84AH

AC Output (x2): 1200W (Surge 1300W) total, 120Vac (60Hz)/230Vac (50Hz)
5V USB Output (x2): 5V DC, 2.4A, 12W Max, per port
QC 3.0 Fast Charge (x2): 5V DC, 9V DC, 12V DC, 2.4A, 18W Max, per port
Type-C Output (x1): 5V 3A DC , 9V 2A DC, 12V 1.5A DC, 18W Max
Type-C Output (x1): 5V DC, 9V DC, 15V DC, 20V DC, 3A, 60W Max
DC 12V Output (x2): 84W,12V DC,7A max
Car Power Output (x1): 94.5W, 13.2V DC, 7A max

AC Charge Input: Voltage 100-240Vac 60Hz/50Hz
AC Charge Input Power: PS01 Charge 294W max
Solar Charge Input: 450W 30-45V DC 10A max

【Semi-solid lithium ion technology】 CHINS Portable Power Station uses a new type of liquid electrolyte, which can effectively suppress the formation of substances that cause battery failure, and maintain stable battery performance, has higher energy density and better cycle performance, and it is very safe and environmentally friendly.

【Charge and discharge in low temperature environment】Compared with ordinary lifepo4 battery, CHINS Portable Power Station can support charging temperature of -20-55°C (-4℉-131℉), ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery cannot be charged below 0℃, semi-solid lithium-ion battery can be used in a low temperature environment, so it has a wider range of applications.

【Larger Capacity】The capacity of CHINS Portable Power Station is up to 2146WH. At present, there are almost no portable power stations with such a large capacity on the market, ours can better meet people's travel needs, and are suitable for equipment, power tools, and even large appliances such as electric stoves, microwave ovens, and refrigerators.

【Lighter weight】Compared with the lifepo4 battery of the same capacity, CHINS Portable Power Station with semi-solid lithium-ion technology is about 40% lighter and more convenient to carry, which makes it easy to carry around for outdoor adventures, such as Tent Camping, Road Trip, Backyard Camping, etc.

【LCD display design】 CHINS Portable Power Station includes Bluetooth function and display, you can use the mobile phone to check the battery SOC, power, whether it is charging, whether each output terminal is discharging, and it is convenient to check whether the battery has power and whether each output interface is normal.

【Powerful and Multifunctional Ports】With 3 standard pure sine wave AC power sockets, CHINS Portable Power Station can power more AC devices and appliances, phones, appliances and other devices can all be plugged into the station. Portable generators come with a variety of outlets to comfortably support your outdoor life and support pass-through charging while preserving battery life.


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Can be applied to home energy storage, camping, RV travel, trolling motors, solar power, etc.

Special Note: 

 If the load you are using contains trolling motor, the maximum continuous output current of our battery must be twice of the motor. Otherwise, our batteries cannot run your device. You can also consult us about this issue before purchasing the product, our engineers will give you the advice. In addition, our batteries cannot be used as a car starter battery.

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